My Mobile Home's Toilet & Tub Won't Drain

Mobile homes and trailers use basic PVC piping for the shower and toilet drains. The shower drain typically connects directly to the toilet drain, which feeds into the main drain. A clog or damage to the drain pipe after the toilet connection will impact both the shower and toilet. Fixing the issue is a multiple-step process starting with basic plunging leading up to snaking the main drain. The process requires the use of purchased chemicals and some basic tools.

The repair method applies to mobile homes and framed houses.

Step 1

Fill a sink on the opposite end of the house from the plugged toilet. Allow the water to drain out of that sink to determine if the blockage is in the main drain or in the secondary drain leading to the bathroom. Contact a plumber to have the main drain snaked if the sink drains slow or not at all.

Step 2

Close the drain on the bathtub with a tub stopper and plunge the toilet. A clog just past the neck of the toilet will force the tub to back up. Plunging with the tub drain open will just force air out of that pipe and not clear the clog. Plunging pulls the clog into the toilet as opposed to forcing it down the drain. Test the drains out after pulling any clogs back into the toilet.

Step 3

Pour a chemical drain cleaner into the toilet and allow the chemical to work in accordance with directions on the bottle. The cleaner will not clear a fully blocked pipe but will clean out slow drains.

Step 4

Slide a plumber's snake into the line. A 12-foot snake, which is a long, braided metal line with a barb on the end, will reach the main drain in most mobile homes. The snake will feed along the pipe until it reaches the clog. Spinning the snake around in the pipe, which is normally accomplished by rotating the handle, will break up the clog and allow the water to drain. Follow the instructions with the specific snake you purchase.