The water pump is used in homes, cars and wells. It is vital and a broken one means the water we depend on ceases to flow. No water can be annoying and in some cases disastrous. Many of us are not mechanically inclined but would rather not have to pay hundreds of dollars to find out why the pump is not working properly. Troubleshooting the broken water pump yourself can lead to helping trim the costs of using a repairman.

Water pump

Step 1

Assess whether the pump will prime or not. If the pump will not start when trying to prime it, check all the hoses to see if any have holes. If not, then also check to make sure the seals and valves are working properly. Sometimes all of these become worn and loose and affect the suction allowing air and water to leak. Also make sure that none of them have become clogged. Refer to the owners manual you got when you bought your pump to find out what and where the impeller is. Assure that it is not too close to the body of the pump. If it is and the clearance is worn down check the manual for readjustment instructions. Check the temperature of the water. If it is too warm you may not be able to prime the pump.

Step 2

Look at the water. Is the pump working but only delivering a trickle of water? In that case there may be damage inside the suction hose. There is a fabric lining inside the suction hose and sometimes this fabric becomes frayed with use. This can cause the hose to sag or collapse allowing a smaller amount of water. The suction hose may also be too long for your particular pump. Your owner's manual will help access what size hose is needed. If you can prime the pump and the water flow is normal but the pressure is off, following the above tips, tightening valves and replacing worn parts may fix the problems of pressure as well.

Step 3

By checking these basic things you can troubleshoot some problems of water pump pressure, prime difficulties and water delivery. In some cases you may be able to repair them yourself then such as replacing a hose. At the very least, you will have a knowledge of basic water pump problems so that you can avoid misunderstandings if a repairman is needed.