How to Attach an Undermount Sink on Corian

Corian is an acrylic material used in countertop fabrication. Installing an undermount stainless steel or ceramic sink requires using a silicone adhesive combined with mounting clips fastened underneath the countertop. Professional installers use acrylic adhesive to bond the sink mounting clips to the counters. The clips, when combined with the adhesive, are strong enough to support the weight of the sink. Installing an undermount sink requires some home improvement skill.

Kitchen sink
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Undermount sinks offer a sleek and modern appearance.

Step 1

Clean a 3-inch wide area on the bottom of the countertop around the sink opening with acetone and a rag. The acetone removes any film, dirt or debris that could prevent the sink from bonding properly.

Step 2

Apply a generous bead of silicone around the lip of the sink that contacts the countertop using a caulk gun.

Step 3

Put a piece of 2-by-4 across the sink opening. The 2-by-4 supports the sink until the adhesives have cured.

Step 4

Insert the stationary end of a 2-foot bar clamp through the drain opening on the sink. If the sink has two drain openings, two bar clamps are necessary.

Step 5

Insert the sink inside the cabinet. Reach through the sink opening in the countertop and grab the bar clamp to lift the sink into position.

Step 6

Hook the adjustable end of the bar clamp on the 2-by-4. Tighten the bar clamp until the sink is snug against the countertop but can still be moved for adjustment.

Step 7

Align the sink by ensuring the overhang or reveal is even around the sink opening. After making any adjustments, finish tightening the bar clamps to secure the sink to the countertop.

Step 8

Remove excess silicone and smooth the joint between the sink and countertop using your finger. Wipe off any remaining silicone using a dry rag.

Step 9

Mark the position of the sink mounting clips on the bottom of the countertop using a pencil. Position the mounting clips so that when attached, the mounting clip will catch the edge of the sink.

Step 10

Apply acrylic adhesive to the backs of the mounting clips along with a small amount of hot glue and install them in the correct locations. Ensure that each clip catches the edge of the sink lip. The amount of clips required depends on sink size. Refer to the owner's manual provided by the manufacturer for correct clip placement. The hot glue holds the mounting clips in place until the acrylic adhesive sets, usually about 10 minutes. Allow the sink to set for 24 hours before removing the bar clamps or connecting the plumbing.