Even a healthy head of hair is prone to losing strands from time to time, which is why the shower is particularly prone to clogging. A shower drain may be clogged from an accumulation of dirt, soap residue, grease and hair. Some homeowners automatically reach for liquid drain openers when they get a clog. But liquid drain openers contain caustic chemicals as well as shards of aluminum that are designed to explosively shred gunk and hair in your drain. Some homeowners worry about exposing themselves and the environment to these chemicals. Fortunately, there are more organic means of opening the drain.

Drain in tile floor
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Step 1

Allow standing water to slowly drain from the shower basin. If water will not drain, you will need to manually remove the water by filling a bucket from the basin and pouring it down a working drain.

Step 2

Scrape out any hair or debris that you find in the bottom of your basin or over your shower grate. Discard in a trash can.

Step 3

Remove the screw from the center of your shower grate drain with a screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver around the edge of the grate and pry the grate up.

Step 4

Use a flashlight to look into the drain to see if the clog is near the surface. If you can see the clog, remove it manually by reaching into the drain and pulling bits of clogged material out with your hands. Discard this in a trash can.

Step 5

Dislodge deeper clogs with a plunger by placing the mouth of the plunger over the drain. Push down on the plunger handle. Make sure that the plunger's mouth seals completely over the drain. Then pull upward, creating vacuum suction. Repeat this process until the clog is dislodged and the drain flows freely.

Step 6

Remove debris that is lodged deeply in your pipe with the use of a pipe snake. Unroll the wire coil, and insert the augur end into the pipe. Gently push the pipe deeper into the drain until you encounter the clog. Prod the clog until it begins to break up. Then retrieve the pipe snake.

Step 7

Use a natural drain opener such as baking soda and vinegar to release stuck-on organic material that had adhered to the sides of your pipe. To do this, place a funnel over the mouth of the drain. Pour baking soda into the funnel. Run a small amount of water for an extremely short duration to push the baking soda farther into the drain. Then pour vinegar on top of the baking soda. The bubbling reaction will scour the pipes clean.