How to Fix a Severely Clogged Toilet

A severely clogged toilet can completely disrupt your household. Most clogs are in the toilet's internal trap and not in the pipes. Clearing the obstruction is often as simple as plunging the drain, but it may require running an auger through the plumbing. Some clogs are so far down the waste pipe or so difficult to remove that you'll need a plumber, but try these steps first.

Fix a Severely Clogged Toilet

Step 1

Fill the bowl with water and use a toilet plunger. Extend the plunger's flap to form a tight seal with the drain inlet

Toilet Plunger

Plunge vigorously several times and remove the plunger. If the water level has gone down, flush the toilet to see if the clog has cleared. If not, or if it drains slowly, repeat the process.

Step 3

Use a toilet auger (closet auger) if the plunger isn't successful. Put the end of the auger into the drain and crank the handle to feed it through the pipe.

Toilet Auger

Continue feeding the auger into the drain until the water level drops. Remove the auger and flush the toilet to ensure the clog is broken and not just moved.

Step 5

Flush the toilet several times and run hot water in the sink and bath tub to move the clog completely out of your home's plumbing.