How to Winterize Deep Well Submersible Water Systems

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Winterize your pump and well system to protect it from the cold.

Deep well submersible water systems work in a similar fashion to traditional wells, using a pump to move water in the desired direction. In many cases, the only winterization the system needs is to disconnect the pump from electricity. However, if you want to ensure the condition of your deep well submersible water system, you can remove the pipe and store it in a safe place. You do not need to winterize your system if temperatures in your area stay above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


Step 1

Locate the water supply valve and turn it to the closed position. Turn the valve counterclockwise until it will not tighten further. If the well is connected to your home, turn your home's water supply valve to the closed position.

Step 2

Flip the switch of the deep well's pump to the off position. This turns the pump off, making it safe to remove the pump without the risk of electrocution.

Step 3

Remove the pump's power adapter from the electrical outlet. If it is connected to any other systems, remove the cables that connect it to the system.


Step 4

Loosen the clamps that attach to the well's water hose and lines using a flat-head screwdriver. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to loosen the clamps. Pull the clamps off the the water hose lines and set them aside. Store the clamps in a safe location. This helps keep the clamps from causing rips or tears in the lines when the lines expand and contract because of temperature changes

Step 5

Remove the pump from the well, if desired. Though you do not typically need to remove pumps from deep well systems, you may wish to remove it if temperatures in your area drop to well below freezing. Set a shallow pan under the pump. Hold the pump so that it is parallel to the pan. Tilt the pump to its side so that water drains into the pan. When water stops flowing, tilt the pump in the opposite direction. This removes water from the pump so that the pipes will not freeze.

Step 6

Store the pump in a warm, dry place such as a linen closet.



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