How to Fix a Bent Trampoline

Trampolines are made of four main components: springs, metal frame, safety pads and jumping mat. The metal frame is typically made of galanized steel for strength and durability. Galvanized steel is impossible for a typical homeowner to safely and reliably straighten out, so the best approach for a bent frame is to replace the part.

Trampolines need to be properly maintained for safe recreation.

Step 1

Consult the owner's manual for a list of replacement parts. If the manual is missing, or if the manufacturer does not give instructions for procuring replacement parts, contact a trampoline outlet to order the necessary part. Contact information is listed under Resources.

Step 2

Order the missing or damaged part.

Step 3

Install part when received, following the instructions from the manufacturer. Owners may need to consult the original owner's manual for instructions.

Step 4

Test the strength of the new part by inspecting the installation. Having an adult apply pressure or weight to the trampoline, as it would be normally used, to assure that it will hold.