How to Troubleshoot a Propane Fireplace

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Always be very careful to follow all machine-specific instructions when dealing with gas and propane fireplaces.

If your propane fireplace is not burning properly or at all, you may be spending some pretty chilly evenings – especially if you have been putting off making that expensive call to the repair technician. However, there are a number of troubleshooting steps that you can take when it comes to propane fireplaces that could resolve the issue immediately and without professional help. Try these troubleshooting tips and start enjoying your propane fireplace again today.

Step 1

Wearing gloves, ensure the valve on your propane tank is open. Open the valve by turning it counterclockwise until it will not turn anymore.

Step 2

Ensure the valve for your fireplace is open. The fireplace valve generally is under a steel plate next to the fireplace itself. Turn it counterclockwise until it stops to open it.

Step 3

Push the igniter. If there is flowing gas, the flame will ignite. If it does not ignite, your igniter is bad. Only a licensed professional should replace an igniter.

Step 4

Relight the pilot light.Older model gas fireplaces have a thermocouple instead of an igniter. Thermocouples have pilot lights to light the flame. Once you know the gas valves are turned on, try to light the pilot light. You will need to refer to the instructions mounted on your specific thermocouple since every model is slightly different. If the thermocouple's pilot light cannot be lit or cannot maintain a flame, it will need to be replaced by a licensed professional.


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