How to Remove a Cupboard Door With Concealed Hinges

Concealed hinges have become popular with many homeowners and builders as a result of their function, durability and design. Also known as European hinges, concealed hinges are typically not visible when correctly installed, lending a sleek and clean look to cabinetry. Working on cupboard, or cabinet, doors that feature concealed hinges is relatively simple thanks to the one-screw removal design that retains the alignment of the door. With a little time and minimal tools, cupboard doors attached with concealed hinges can easily be removed.

Step 1

Open the cupboard or cabinet door completely so that the concealed hinge can be easily accessed. The door should be opened so that you have room to hold the door while you work with the hidden hinge.

Step 2

Search for the lower arm hinge of the concealed hinge. The hinge will be extended since the door is open. Find the small slot or Phillips head adjustment screw on the hinge.

Step 3

Brace the bottom of the cupboard door and insert the tip of a screwdriver into the head of the adjustment screw. Turn the screw to the left, or counterclockwise, to loosen.

Step 4

Hold the bottom of the cupboard door and repeat the loosening process with the adjustment screw on the top concealed hinge. Turn the adjustment screw to the left to loosen.

Step 5

Place both hands on the door for better support. Push in to disengage the arms of the hinge from the concealed hinge mounting plates. Push the top and bottom of the cupboard inward at the same time to make removal easier.