How to Remove Stains From Your Carpet

Most homes have carpeting, and many of us like to keep our carpeting in great shape. Unfortunately, from time to time we will manage to spill something on our carpeting that can really leave a nasty stain if we do not rush to clean it up quickly. Use these steps and easily remove most stains from your carpeting in no time at all.

How to Remove Stains From Your Carpet

Step 1

Get the supplies. You can find all of the supplies that you will need to remove stains from your carpeting at any drugstore, hardware store or grocery store.

Step 2

Pre-treat the stain. Spread an ample amount of table salt on the stain. The salt will suck the moisture from the carpeting and absorb much of it prior to you cleaning it. It will also serve to absorb much of the coloring in stains from juices or wine.

Step 3

Saturate the stain with the cleaning solution. Allow the salt a few minutes to work and then spray the stain with the cleaning solution. Allow the cleaning solution at least several minutes to set and work on the stain.

Step 4

Brush the stain from the carpet and use the towels to absorb moisture. Use your carpet brush with circular motions to brush the stain from the carpeting. Re-spray as needed throughout the cleaning process. Use the towel and pat the area to remove any excess moisture as your brush the carpeting.

Step 5

Allow spot to dry and then vacuum. Once the area you have cleaned is dry, use your vacuum to suck up any remaining dirt and salt.