Bali blinds make many different types of window treatments, including cordless cellular shades. These shades are designed so that dangerous cords aren't dangling down where children and pets can reach them. They don't need a lot of maintenance but when they do stop working, they are easily fixed using basic tools and a little time. Some problems include shades that won't go up and down and shades that hang unevenly.

Bowing Bottomrail

Step 1

Raise the blind halfway.

Step 2

Clip an additional handle to the bottomrail to balance the blind without pinching the fabric. If the blind opens from the top, add a handle on the toprail as well.

Step 3

Position each handle at arm's length apart. The further apart they are, the better the blinds will balance.

Fix Stuck Blind

Step 4

Remove the shade from the installation bracket by inserting a flat-head screwdriver between the bracket and shade and popping it off in an upward motion. Remove the shade while it is fully up, if possible.

Step 5

Open and close the blind while it is off the brackets. If it works fine, adjust the end brackets so that they are positioned 3 inches from each end and rehang the blind.

Step 6

Pop the dust cover off by inserting your screwdriver along the top corner and working it along the top until the cover releases.

Step 7

Rotate the metal rod two full cycles toward the back of the blind. Raise the shade.

Step 8

Press the dust cover back in position. Open and close the blind to make sure it is working, then hang it back in the window.

Uneven Blinds

Step 9

Set a level on top of the blinds to see if the brackets, window and mounting surface are even.

Step 10

Pop the end cap off the bottom rail with your screwdriver.

Step 11

Pull the metal slat out.

Step 12

Examine the blind to see which side hangs lower. Find the cord on this side. Untie the cord and adjust it until the blind hangs evenly.

Step 13

Slide the metal slat into position and replace the end cap.