Novus scratch remover helps remove scratches from acrylic surfaces. Examples of surfaces the polish is suitable for include plastic windows, plastic display cases, plastic lawn furniture and microwave oven doors. Novus makes two kinds of scratch remover: fine scratch remover and heavy scratch remover.

Fine Scratch Remover

Step 1

Touch the plastic to make sure it is cool, as advised by Novus. If it's been in the sun or around another heat source, let it cool down before using Novus products on it.

Step 2

Clean the plastic with Novus plastic cleaner. Squirt it directly on the item, saturating the surface, or apply it to a cotton cloth (saturating the cloth) and then applying it to the plastic. Novus recommends using gentle pressure and long strokes--don't scrub.

Step 3

Dry the plastic with a dry, cotton cloth. Shake the bottle of scratch remover. Apply a few drops to a corner of a soft cloth. Test the scratch remover in an inconspicuous area to make sure the plastic can handle this product without damage to the plastic.

Step 4

Apply a liberal amount of scratch remover to the cloth. Start buffing the scratched areas, rubbing the cloth back and forth at an angle to the scratches. If the cloth starts to get dry, re-apply more polish until the scratches are buffed out.

Step 5

Apply more scratch remover to the entire area and rub it all over the plastic item uniformly. Allow this to dry. It will create a haze, which is normal. When dry, use another dry cloth to vigorously buff the plastic until it is polished.

Step 6

Repeat the procedure if scratches remain, or follow with Novus heavy scratch remover.

Heavy Scratch Remover

Step 7

Shake the product and apply to a cotton cloth. Test the remover on a small area of the plastic to make sure it won't be damaged (some plastics may be coated with a film and you don't know it).

Step 8

Apply the heavy scratch remover, covering the surface with the product. Use a cotton cloth to scrub the scratches at an angle. Continue doing this (and applying more product if necessary) until all the heavy scratches are gone. If small scratches remain, don't worry about that yet.

Step 9

Wipe the plastic with a dry cotton cloth to remove all the excess remover, as suggested by Novus. Do not leave any visible remnants of the remover.

Step 10

Apply the fine scratch remover, liberally, over the entire surface to remove the fine scratches. Allow this to dry until the plastic looks hazy and then buff it to a polish with a soft cotton cloth.

Step 11

Squirt Novus plastic cleaner on the plastic and wipe it dry with a cloth.