Bed bugs are small pests that commonly live under the mattress of a bed. These insects feed on blood and may even carry disease. Because of this, if you detect any bed bugs in your home you need to remove them as quickly as possible. Although it is possible to contact a local exterminator, you may choose to kill the bed bugs yourself. If there are small children and animals around the home you should use natural products that are both child and pet friendly.

Kill off bed bugs.

Step 1

Vacuum up all of the bed bugs from the underside of the mattress and any other location you find the bugs (such as sheets or stuffed animals).

Step 2

Take apart the entire bed and remove the bed bugs from here with the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3

Seal holes around the house with caulk. This prevents access to your home from the outside.

Step 4

Wash all clothing and mattress material in hot water (at least 120 degrees) to kill the bugs.

Step 5

Wash the entire infested room with a stuff bristled brush. This picks up any egg sacks for more bed bugs.

Step 6

Pour the contents of the vacuum cleaner into a sealed bag and discard the bag away from your house.

Step 7

Throw away the mattress if it is torn as it more than likely harbors additional eggs you didn't find and cannot get to.

Step 8

Spray the entire room with an eco-friendly spray. This is safe to humans (although you still shouldn't stay in the room for an extended period of time) but kills off the insects. Cover all corners and cracks in the room, including areas inside cabinets and dressers (some products include Bed Bug Patrol). Look on the packaging to see if it states "Natural." It also says it is pet and kid friendly. Products you want to avoid have harsh warnings on the back of the product, stating to keep away from children and toxic to pets. There is also a poison control warning on the rear of the packaging. Common chemicals found in harmful sprays are Permethrins and Pyrethrins.