How to Remove Ink From Walls

Accidents can happen, particularly when it comes to getting ink on the walls. Kids love to adorn their space with wonderfully unique drawings, scribbles and artwork but sometimes those drawings are created when the walls are used as paper or easel. Adults will inadvertently reach a certain way or slip with a pen in hand, and an ink mark will be left over. These things happen, but removing this ink is quick and easy with hairspray.

Remove ink on a wall with hairspray.

Step 1

Spray the ink. Spray a small section of the ink with hairspray. Make sure not to allow the hairspray to run down the wall surface. Working in small areas will allow you to control the spread of the hairspray.

Step 2

Remove the ink. Using the damp sponge, remove the ink from the wall using a circular motion. The ink may spread at first. A couple of hairspray applications may be needed to remove the entire inked area.

Step 3

Dry the surface. After the ink is gone, rub the surface with a dry paper towel to remove any left over hairspray. A cleaner can also be used with the paper towel to remove the excess hairspray.