If you're tired of your old pre-pasted wallpaper, you may want to remove it to apply new wallpaper or paint your walls. The good news is that pre-pasted wallpaper is easier to remove than conventional wallpaper and paste. Pre-pasted, or strippable, wallpaper is less damaging to walls and should peel away easily. If it doesn't strip away as easily as you had hoped, there are tools you can use to remove your pre-pasted wallpaper.


Step 1

Remove all wall hangings, pictures, electrical outlets and plates from your walls. Turn off the electricity to the room by flipping the corresponding switch in your circuit breaker box.

Step 2

Use the wallpaper scraper to peel away the wallpaper from the top down. Each section should peel off easily.

Step 3

Score each section of wallpaper in a few places using the utility knife if you cannot remove some of the paper. Be careful to only perforate the wallpaper and not the drywall behind the paper.

Step 4

Mix a bucket of hot water with vinegar. Use 20 percent vinegar to 80 percent water.

Step 5

Dip the paint roller in the bucket of water and vinegar, and roll it over each section of wallpaper. Saturate the wallpaper.

Step 6

Scrape the wallpaper from the top down with the wallpaper scraper. You may need to rewet sections that are difficult to remove.

Step 7

Wash the walls with the water and vinegar solution and a sponge to remove all traces of wallpaper paste.