Closets hold more than you think when you maximize the space available inside of them. Using double rods, or two closet rods positioned one on top of the other, is just one way to do this. Before you begin setting up a double closet rod in your home, take time to review your options when setting the height for each one.

Closets have more space than they might suggest when used properly.

Normal Double Rod Heights

The normal height for double closet rods is only a suggestion, but it is derived from the minimum height the bottom rod should rest at and the maximum height the upper rod should be positioned at. The top rod is set at 80 1/4 inches from the closet floor while the bottom rod is set at 39 1/4 inches from the floor, which allows for a full 40 inches of distance between the top and bottom and 39 inches between the bottom rod and the floor.

Double Rods and Shelves

If you plan to install shelves on a double rod, the heights change because shelves take up space as well. If you plan to install a shelf over the lower rod, this takes up an additional 5 to 8 inches, depending on how tall the shelf is. That space cuts into the total amount of space for hanging garments from the top rack because many garments like pants will hang down more than 35 inches from the rod. If you plan to use any shelves at all, place them beside the double rods or on top of the top rod. You can access these shelves with a ladder or step stool.

Height Considerations

Another consideration when planning your double rod height is the length of your garments. If you are a taller person, over 6-feet tall, you likely have longer clothes. You also can reach up higher. Measure the length of your clothing as it is hung on the hanger, and include the hanger itself in the measurement, which shows you exactly how much space clothes require for hanging. Position the rod at a level comfortable for your reach to allow convenient and complete storage of clothing.

Longer Garments

Longer garments, like overcoats, rain slickers, dresses and gowns, need more room to hang. A typical dress takes 60 or 65 inches of vertical space in the closet, which does not leave much room for double hanging rods. If you are hanging dresses, include space in the closet for a single rod set at a height of 65 inches or higher, depending on the length of your garments, which, in combination with the double rods, makes the most use of the space in your closet.