DampRid is a household product that prevents mold and mildew development by absorbing excess moisture in the air. The active ingredient in DampRid, calcium chloride, is considered nontoxic and does not emit noxious gases or fumes.


DampRid can cause skin and minor respiratory irritation. There is no stated information in the Material Data Safety Sheet indicating that the ingredients in DampRid are carcinogenic or cancer-causing. In addition, there are no known chronic health effects caused by DampRid.


Always wash your hands after using DampRid because small amounts of the product can be ingested through transmission from your fingers to your mouth. Even if small amounts of DampRid are ingested, no internal or systemic injury will occur.


DampRid needs to be kept away from children. When it contacts eyes, it can cause irritation. If you get DampRid in your eyes, call your doctor and flush your eyes for 15 minutes with large amounts of cool water.