Larson Storm Door Hinge Repair

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Larson owner’s manual

  • New hinge rails

  • Silicone spray lubricant

  • 3-in-1 oil (optional)

  • Cooking oil (optional)


If you don’t have silicone spray lubricant readily available, lubricate the hinges on your Larson storm door with 3-in-1 oil or cooking oil.

Larson designs and sells storm doors, storm windows and retractable screen doors. The company is a well-known name in storm door sales. Although many homeowners keep their storm doors installed throughout the year, storm doors are especially convenient during winter months to keep cold drafts from coming under the main door to your home. If you find your Larson storm door doesn't open or close properly or the door becomes stuck at times, you may need to repair the hinges on the storm door.


Step 1

Check your hinge rails if your Larson storm door is not opening and closing properly. The hinge rail screws are possibly too tight. Loosen the screws a quarter turn with a screwdriver to relax the tension.

Step 2

Examine the hinge rail itself for any problems if the storm door will not open and close properly. The hinge rail may possibly be bent or even broken. Whether bent or broken, you must replace the hinge rail for the storm door to work properly. Order new hinge rails through Larson (see Resources). Consult your Larson storm door owner's manual for instructions on replacing the hinge rails.


Step 3

Check that the hinge rails are not too tight if your Larson storm door squeaks when you open and close it. Loosen all hinge rails a quarter turn with a screwdriver to relax the tension on the hinge rails.

Step 4

Lubricate the hinges on your Larson storm door with a silicone spray lubricant if your door squeaks when you open and close it. If your storm door is new, the hinges are generally tight until the door has been used a bit.


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