Automatic Hinge Pin Door Closer Instructions

If you have a house door that you would like to close automatically, you can install a hinged automatic door closer. A door closer is spring-wound, which allows it to close a door automatically. Installation includes adjustment of the spring's tension. The door's weight and the speed at which you want the door to close determine the spring's tension. Once you find the proper tension, you insert a pin into the spring to maintain the tension and to close the door.

Step 1

Install the hinge on the door and door jamb. To install, remove the screws securing the center door hinge to both the door and the jamb. Align the spring hinge screw holes, and insert the screws that were removed to secure the hinge. The hinge does not ship with the pin installed and is simple to open and close because no tension is on the spring.

Step 2

Close the door.

Step 3

Insert the tension lever into the right-most hole visible in the adjustment slot.

Step 4

Move the tension rod to the left to increase tension on the spring.

Step 5

Insert the tension pin into the right-most hole to maintain the tension on the spring.

Step 6

Remove the tension lever from the hole. This is the final step if you install the hinge on a door with a 180-degree swing.

Step 7

Insert the tension lever into the center hole of the adjustment slot if you install the hinge on a door with a swing greater than 180-degrees.

Step 8

Move the tension lever to the left, and then remove the pin from the original hole and place it in the right-most hole. To remove the pin, grasp it with needle-nose pliers.

Step 9

Allow the pin to support the door spring, and remove the tension lever.