Bats are creatures with a bad reputation, however they can be helpful as well. Bats can consume millions of insects in a single night, but they are carriers of rabies and you do not want them in your house. If you find a bat in your house, the first task is to determine if anyone, including small children have been bitten. If you suspect a bite, seek medical attention immediately.

A bat is a nocturnal feeder and will sleep in the daytime.

Step 1

Close the door to the room where the bat was seen.

Step 2

Turn on the light. The bat will soon look for a place to land.

Step 3

Locate where the bat has landed. They like to hang upside down under window sills, an overhang or the corner where the ceiling meets the wall.

Step 4

Put on heavy leather gloves. If you suspect a bite, you should try to capture the bat for testing. Place a cardboard box or coffee can over the bat and slip a piece of cardboard underneath to trap the bat inside.

Step 5

If you are sure that no one has been bitten, you can open a window and using a broom guide the creature out the window. If you capture it in the box, carry the box outside the house and set the bat free.

Step 6

Finally, go back and find out where the bat got into the room in the first place. Bats can squeeze through very small cracks. Check for loose window screens and other gaps. Consider hiring a professional exterminator to help you.