Your hot tub's efficient operation depends on the proper use of chemicals along with regular maintenance. Cleaning your hot tub's filter is especially important, because a well-maintained filter traps body oils, fragrances and hair before these substances can affect the water quality. Many operational problems result from substandard filtration because of a clogged or dirty filter, so cleaning your hot tub's filter every four to six weeks minimizes the chances of potentially expensive repair calls.

Step 1

Locate your hot tub filter -- look for a removable lid that covers the filter housing, with the filter visible inside. If you don't see a removable lid, look for a bucket or canister that houses the filter. In most cases, the filter is partially visible when you sit inside the hot tub. If you cannot find the filter, consult the owner's manual.

Step 2

Turn off power to the hot tub. Do not skip this step -- operating the hot tub without a filter can expose you to powerful suction and potential injury.

Step 3

Remove the filter from its housing. Consult your manual for instructions if necessary. Hot tub configurations vary, so following filter removal instructions reduces your chance of damaging the filter.

Step 4

Spray the filter with a garden hose. Direct the spray into the filter's pleats to remove any visible debris and trapped dirt.

Step 5

Mix the manufacturer-recommended filter cleaning solution in a tall bucket. Immerse the filter completely for one hour. A thorough soaking removes the film of algae and body oils that accumulates on the filter pleats and eventually clogs the filter's pores.

Step 6

Remove the filter from the bucket. Rinse the filter thoroughly with the garden hose.

Step 7

Carefully place the filter back in its housing. Make sure the reinstalled filter fits snugly into the housing.