There are three ways of mounting a standard rural mailbox (round) to a pole depending on if the pole is made of metal or wood. The wood pole can be some work, but still is rather simple. The first method is for mounting a standard rural mailbox to a metal pole using a pole bracket. The second method involves a special bracket for wood and will cover mounting a mailbox to a cedar post. The third method is used when there is no bracket and the pole is wood. Once the pole is installed, the mounting of the mail box to the pole should take minutes to perform.

Mounting a Mailbox On a Pole

Step 1

A mailbox pole bracket kit comes with mounting screws, and as of October 2009, can cost from $3 to $5 at your local hardware store. Remove the pole bracket from its package. Place bracket around the pole and tighten screws with a cordless drill or screwdriver if you are power tool-impaired. Now you are ready to mount the mail box.

Step 2

Place the mail box on the brackets. The mounting holes for a mailbox are not on the bottom of the mail box; rather, they are on the sides on the lower lip. These small holes run the length of the mail box. There will be at least four. The brackets will line up with the holes on the bottom lip of the mailbox. Line up the mailbox to the bracket holes and tighten the bolts, using either a cordless drill or a screwdriver.

Step 3

The standard mounting bracket for a wood post, as of October 2009, will cost you from $6 to $9 at your local hardware store. Remove the mounting bracket and screws from the package.

Step 4

Place the mounting bracket on the post. Before you mount the bracket, use your drill to pre-drill holes for the screws. Position the bracket where you want it. Use your carpenter's pencil to mark the holes. Remove the bracket and drill the holes.

Step 5

Put the bracket over the new holes on the post. Place the screws into the hole and hand-tighten each one. Use the cordless drill or screwdriver to tighten the screws.

Step 6

Set the mailbox on the bracket. Align the holes on the lower bottom lip of the mailbox with the bracket holes and insert screws. Tighten all screws down with your cordless drill and you are done.

Step 7

The third method requires a bit more work. Choose a sturdy 3/4-inch thick piece of planking for your mounting board. This will provide a sturdy mounting board that will not deteriorate fast in the weather. Use cedar or redwood; this will also help protect your project from wood rot.

Step 8

Measure the space underneath the mailbox and between the two lips on the sides of the mailbox. Use a circular saw to cut your mounting board to fit. Mount your mounting board to the mailbox post arm.

Step 9

Mark off five holes in your mounting board using a carpenter's pencil. One in each corner will do, plus one in the middle. Place the mounting board on the mailbox post arm and drill the holes, making sure you drill into the post arm. Use 2-inch deck screws to mount your mounting board to the mailbox post arm. Use the cordless drill to save time in putting in the screws. If your drill is not set up for screws, use a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 10

Place the mailbox on the mounting board. Make sure the mailbox is at the edge of the board so the door will open fully. Align the mounting board with the holes on your mailbox. Mark the hole position with a carpenter's pencil. Drill holes in your mounting board for the 2-inch deck screws that will secure your mailbox to the mounting board. Use several 2-inch deck screws to mount your mounting board to the mailbox. Do not use nails, for you might in the future want to change out your mailbox for a better one! Enjoy your mailbox.