How to Exterminate Spiders

How to Exterminate Spiders. Spiders are one of earth's creepiest creatures. Although most spiders are simply a nuisance, some can poison a person who is unlucky enough to suffer a spider bite. If you have spiders in your home or yard, you may wish to consider exterminating the insects. Read on to learn how to exterminate spiders.

Step 1

Place a pesticide powder around the outside of your home. You can use a product like Delta Dust to perform this action. It is waterproof and if left untouched, can kill spiders that come in contact with it for six months or longer.

Step 2

Pick up an odorless spray to kill spiders in your home. Suspend has a product that kills spiders and will not leave an odor or residue behind.

Step 3

Use a cobweb eliminator to get rid of the webs around your home or in your yard. You put the spray on the cobwebs and they disappear. It also prevents spiders from forming new webs in the areas that you spray.

Step 4

Vacuum spider infested areas of your home. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up spiders, their eggs and cobwebs.

Step 5

Get rid of bright lighting in your home. Bright natural and artificial light attract bugs and provide a food source for spiders. Eliminating bright lighting eliminates the spiders in your home by reducing their food supply.