Can You Use a Shower Curtain Rod for a Closet Rack?

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If you are looking for innovative ways to use parts and supplies you already have for home repairs, you might consider using a shower curtain rod as a closet rod rack. This particular problem-solving step has some drawbacks, but if you plan and design the rack right, it just might work.


Size Matters

Many curtain rods are not the proper size to work as a closet rod rack. Since most shower openings are the length of the tub, which is 5 or 6 feet long, the rods just do not fit into the rack brackets. However, today many curtain rods are adjustable, so the length can change. Adjust the curtain rod to fit into your closet rod holders, and the rod will at least be as long as needed. Turn and pull on the curtain rod and extend it until both ends fit into the closet rod holder brackets.


The diameter of the curtain rod is another issue. Most curtain rods are only 1 inch in diameter, while closet rods are 1 1/4 to 1 3/8 inches in diameter and bracket openings are designed with those widths. This means the curtain rod will not fit perfectly into the hanging brackets for the closet rod. While smaller, the curtain rod will still fit into the bracket but it may not be as stable. However, if your closet has U-shaped brackets that extend from angled braces supporting a closet shelf, the curtain rod is simply laid across the bottom of the brackets, so the diameter is not an issue.


Strength Concerns

A shower curtain rod is not as strong as a regular closet rod. Hanging too many clothes on the rod is not advisable, as it may damage the rod or cause it to break. Some aluminum curtain rods are strong enough to support some clothes, but their main use is to hang a single shower curtain. The rod should not be placed inside the closet without brackets, as the brackets will add strength and support weight.

Design Concerns

Curtain rods are not designed to fit inside a closet and may not hold all your clothes. They also fail the designer test. The rods are generally silver or white, so this color does not match all closets. If you have melamine shelving, a chrome or white shower curtain rod will match and enhance your closet design. If not, it may be advisable to simply buy a closet rod. They are inexpensive; you will find metal closet rods for as low as $10, and wood rods for as little as $5 at the time of publication.


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