How to Remove Rust From Well Water

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Finding rust in your well water can prove disheartening. The water may be a strange reddish-brown color and may also have a funny aftertaste that makes it undrinkable if there is a high concentration of rust. Too much rust in your well water can also lead to the stains on laundry and other items. You should routinely check the quality of your well water for the presence of rust.


Step 1

Check the quality of your water. Water-quality tests will measure the well water's iron, pH, manganese and hardness levels. You can find home kits at any home improvement store. You will simply take a sample of the water and use the test kit to measure the different levels of these substances. The kit will give you the normal ranges to expect. If any of these levels come back high, it is likely that your water has rust.

Step 2

Use a water softener to remove rust from well water. Water softeners add salt to your well water to remove rust and other types of particles that may not always be filtered out. You will likely want to make arrangements with a water softener supplier to set up salt deliveries for your water softening system.


Step 3

Add a rust remover enhancement product in with your water softener. As an example, Pro Rust Out gets rid of the iron and rust build-up that occurs during the regeneration process of a water softener. You will pour the rust remover enhancement directly into the brine well.

Step 4

Use a rust filter for your well water. For example, PuriTec manufactures a filter that can be used with well water sources. You should install the filter in your well water plumbing system and allow it to remove any rust particles to keep your water supply free of rust.



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