How to Fix a Closet Door With a Spring & Ball

Interior closet doors often feature a ball and spring latching mechanism installed on the top. The ball is held in place by a mounting plate and has tension applied by a spring mounted behind the ball. A strike plate is attached to the door frame into which the ball sits when the door is closed. Spring tension on the ball holds the ball in a small indentation in the strike plate. Adjusting the spring and ball can often resolve many latching issues.

Step 1

Inspect the door and door frame. Look at the ball and latch plate to determine if they are properly aligned.

Step 2

Adjust the door hinges to align the door to the frame if necessary. Tighten the door hinges with a screwdriver, or tap the pin back down into the hinge with a hammer.

Step 3

Oil the ball and spring latching mechanism with multipurpose oil. Apply a few drops of oil to the ball and close the door to determine if the door is still difficult to latch.

Step 4

Remove the ball mechanism from the door. Adjust the depth of the spring behind the ball, using a screwdriver. Reduce the height of the ball by turning the adjustment screw to the right. Increase the ball height by turning the adjustment screw to the left.

Step 5

Tighten the latch plate on the door frame. Tighten the screws on the latch plate to secure it to the door frame.