The Linden Clock Company produced attractive traditional and contemporary mantle, wall and cuckoo clocks for more than 50 years before the company was acquired by Alliance Time in 2009. With its elegant appearance, accurate time-keeping and multiple chime choices, a Linden can make a stunning addition to a mantle or wall in your home. For all of its intricate craftsmanship, the setup process for your Linden clock is surprisingly simple. You can have your Linden clock set and back up on your wall or mantle in less than five minutes.

Step 1

Wind your clock once a week by inserting the winding key into each of the three keyholes on the front of the clock and winding until the key won't wind any more. Make sure to wind your Linden clock before attempting to set it.

Step 2

Access the clock hands on your Linden clock by opening the glass door on the front or back of your clock, depending on the model. Use the winding key, if necessary, to unlock the clock's front or back door.

Step 3

Set the time on your Linden clock by moving the clock hands to the appropriate time. The hands of your clock can be moved clockwise or counterclockwise.

Step 4

Locate the chime-selector lever that extends from the opening next to the "3" position on the clock dial.

Step 5

Move the chime-selector lever to "Whitt" for the Whittington chime, "St. Mich" for the St. Michael chime and "West" for the Westminster chime. Set the chime-selector lever to "Silent" if you don't want your Linden clock to chime at the top of every hour.