Use of Borax to Control Silverfish

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You open the novel you have wanting to read for so long and notice a bug crawling along the pages. The bug is small, wingless and about an inch in length. It is called a silverfish, also known as a silver moth, and it does bite. Silverfish are often found in your bathroom or kitchen. These pests invade books, clothes and curtains. You can rid your home of silverfish with Borax and a vacuum cleaner.

Applying Borax

Borax, sodium borate, is a cleaner that is inexpensive and safe to use in your home. To rid your home of silverfish, sprinkle about a cup of Borax behind any appliances, around the edges of any base cabinets and along the baseboards in your kitchen. In your bathroom, sprinkle Borax around your the tub, toilet and sink. In other living spaces, sprinkle Borax around furniture, at the bottom of bookcases and entertainment centers. If you have an attic or basement, sprinkle Borax along the walls in those spaces.

Where Silverfish Live

Silverfish live in damp, dark places like under sinks and washing machines. Check the sinks, faucets and appliances in your home for leaks. Have them repaired and then sprinkle Borax around the area to kill any silverfish that may be living in the space. Also, keep your house clean and free of any food crumbs and debris.

Cleaning Up the Borax

Let the Borax set for three days undisturbed. If you have pets, place them in another area of the house or take them to a friend/family member's house. Then vacuum up the Borax. Change the vacuum cleaner's bag and dispose of it properly. The bag will contain Borax, dead silverfish and other debris that you don't want to reintroduce into your home. You can also leave the Borax in place, but you will want to sweep up any dead silverfish from the substance.

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