Getting rid of basement mice is a common task for any home owner, whether you live in the city, suburbs or country. House mice are small, only a few inches in length and weighing only about 20 grams, therefore they can hide and get into just about any place in your basement. Getting rid of basement mice may be a challenge, but unless you want an infestation it is best to tackle this job as soon as you notice the problem.

How to Get Rid of Basement Mice

Step 1

Clean your basement from top to bottom. Take out any trash, remove clutter and wash everything you can. Mice will use any mess to hide and nest in, so the less there is for the mice to get into the easier it will be to catch and remove them. While it is not typical, house mice can carry diseases, so it is best to clean with a bleach product, especially around any areas where you find mouse droppings.

Step 2

Check around the perimeter of your basement for any cracks or holes. Remember the common house mouse is a tiny animal and it does not take much of an opening for them to gain access to your basement.

Inspect openings around plumbing pipes, wiring and vents. Use spray foam insulation to fill in any spaces you find. That product is available at any local hardware store. The foam will expand, making a tight seal to keep out any future mice as well as other pests.

Step 3

Check all doors for a tight seal. If you find any space put on some weather stripping. In addition to keeping out mice, that will also help lower energy costs.

Step 4

Go outside and clear away any clutter that is in direct contact with your foundation. Things like tall grass, weeds and debris give mice a place to hide. If there are inviting places to hide right next to your foundation, it is only a mater of time before they get inside your home.

Step 5

Set mouse traps in your basement. Whether you choose humane traps or a traditional snap trap, use peanut butter for bait. Check the traps regularly for several weeks. Once you have eliminated the infestation you should be free of mice for the foreseeable future as they no longer have a way to get into your basement.