When spring arrives, it is inevitable that birds will try to nest under the eaves of your home. Although birds can be a welcome addition to your yard, having their nest on your house can pose many problems. The bird noises can be irritating, they leave feces all over the ground and their nests can be eyesores. Because laws protect most birds and their nests, it is imperative to prevent them from making nests at all.

Step 1

Examine eaves to make sure all existing nests are no longer being used. If some are still occupied, wait a few weeks. If they are empty, knock them down and clean the walls with water.

Step 2

Attach pieces of netting to the outside of the eaves and to the wall of your home, creating a 45-degree angle. This physical barrier will prevent birds from landing and building.

Step 3

Bird spikes are stainless steel wires that are attached to places where the birds might land. These will prevent them from landing and building.

Step 4

Install a small wood panel at a 45-degree angle between the eaves and the wall. This will also keep the birds from nesting there.

Step 5

There are sticky repellents (Tanglefoot, Roost-No-More, 4 the Birds) intended to make it uncomfortable for birds to land. These can be effective, but they are also messy, need continuous reapplication and can kill birds. This is not recommended.

Step 6

Hang visual and audio scare tactics from your roof. Shiny metal objects that make noise are most effective. These must be moved frequently so the birds do not grow accustomed to them.