A silver or silver-plated trophy needs a gentle cleaning once in a while to help keep it looking its best. Dust the trophy regularly and only use a silver polish once in a while -- frequent polishing actually removes some of the silver and may make engraved areas less visible over time.

Routine Care

  • Dust the trophy every couple of weeks -- or as needed -- by wiping it with a soft lint-free cloth or brushing it with a soft-bristled brush such as a makeup brush or an artist's brush. Dust attracts moisture, which may lead to corrosion.
  • Wear cotton gloves when handling the trophy. The gloves not only prevent fingerprints, but they'll keep the silver free from oils and residue that may attract dust or cause corrosion.
  • Do not wrap or store silver trophies in materials such as leather, wool or silk. These materials contain proteins that may tarnish the silver.

Tarnish Removal

Remove light tarnish from the a silver trophy by using a silver-polishing cloth. Rub the cloth over the silver areas to remove both dirt and tarnish. Afterward, rub the trophy again with a soft lint-free cloth to shine the trophy. Some polishing-cloth kits include the buffing cloth as well.