What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Mice in My House?

Mice can be one of the most worrisome pests that homeowners can have. If you find that you have a problem with mice invading your home, it is best to address the problem immediately. Mice may not be easy to live with but there are easy steps that homeowners can follow to get rid of them safely and quickly.


Make plenty of noise that only the mice can hear. Mice stay in an environment where they are comfortable. You have to create a home environment that makes them very uncomfortable. You can do this by purchasing a device that transmits powerful ultrasonic waves that the mice can't tolerate but is unnoticed to the human ear. Use this type of device to create a stressful environment to see if it will help your mice problem. If this device doesn't solve your problem or the mice return, request the advice of a professional exterminator who can provide better results.


Perform a total cleanup of your home. It is known that mice are attracted to trash and debris. They will even flock to tall grass. If tall grass is a factor at your home, be sure to cut it. The mice will use the tall grass to hide and make it their comfort zone. Mice also find trash to hide in and make their nest. They will use empty containers to hide in and will look for any food in the garbage that they can use to survive. Be sure that all trash is eliminated near your home and that there is no food left unattended. If the trash pick-up in your area is scheduled on certain days only, invest in trash cans that have secure lids in order to make your trash unavailable to mice until it is picked up.

Repair holes

Repair and seal any holes in your home. The number one way of mice entering homes is through cracks or holes in the walls. Be sure to walk around your home to evaluate your property. Look for any holes in the basement or garage. Permanently seal these areas to prevent mice from entering your home. If you want to save money paying a professional, hardware stores such as Home Depot sell do-it-yourself kits that have simple directions and include all the materials necessary to safely patch a hole in the wall.