Zippo Hand Warmer Lighting Instructions

Outdoor enthusiasts participate in activities year-round, often not discouraged even by falling temperatures. Skiers, hunters, anglers and others can appreciate warm hands on a cold day. To help remove some of the chill, Zippo produces a hand warmer designed to be carried in a pocket. Made of metal and featuring a compact design, the Zippo hand warmer uses lighter fluid as a heat source.

Step 1

Hold the Zippo hand warmer in one hand and remove the lid so that the burner is easily accessible.

Step 2

Ignite a cigar lighter or similar butane-type lighter and touch the flame to the burner located in the top of the hand warmer. Allow the flame to contact the burner for three to five seconds.

Step 3

Turn the lid of the hand warmer that was removed earlier and locate the small, orange indicator strip on its side.

Step 4

Touch the indicator strip to the burner on the hand warmer and hold in place for up to 15 seconds.

Step 5

Watch for the orange indicator to change to red, indicating that the burner of the hand warmer has been lit. Replace the lid on the hand warmer for use.