Muriatic acid, also known as hydrochloric acid, is an extremely dangerous chemical with the power to damage or destroy a variety of surfaces. Typical home uses for muriatic acid include masonry and swimming pool cleaning. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet, muriatic acid will cause burning when in contact with skin or eyes , breathing difficulty when in contact with mucous membranes and possible death if ingested. Additionally, exposing muriatic acid to incompatible materials may produce hydrogen gas. Proper storage helps you avoid personal injury and property damage.

Step 1

Store muriatic acid in the original container (plastic) and seal the cap tightly.

Step 2

Place muriatic acid in an upright position in a cool, dry location. Ensure the storage location receives abundant air ventilation but no direct sunlight. An acid-resistant floor is optimal for muriatic acid storage.

Step 3

Keep incompatible materials away from muriatic acid as you store it. Incompatible materials include metals, caustic materials, carbides, cyanides, fluorides, silicates, sulphides and any oxidizing materials.

Step 4

Avoid storage near sources of heat and open flames.