How to Get Rid of Ants With Cayenne

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Naturally deter ants with cayenne pepper.

It's not uncommon to find ants crawling around inside your home. Any little crumb on the floor or countertops can lead to a trail of ants. Pesticide sprays are available to kill and deter ants; however, these products often contain toxic ingredients. Opt for a natural product -- cayenne pepper -- to get rid of ants.


Step 1

Locate the areas where the ants are entering. This is easy to do by following the ants to where they are exiting. Usually, the ants are gathering food to take back to their colony.

Step 2

Sprinkle cayenne pepper in a line all along the places where you see ants and where they are entering or exiting. The pepper creates a barrier that the ants won't cross. They will turn around and go right back out.

Step 3

Locate any ant colonies around the exterior of the home. Pour cayenne pepper around and into the ant holes for further protection from ants.



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