How to Build a Piano Dolly

Since a piano is such a heavy duty musical instrument, it can be hard to move. By creating a dolly for it, you can put the piano on wheels and turn the job from a multi-person moving project to a one-person move. All of the materials used in making this dolly can be found at your local hardware store and/or lumber store.

Getting on the Move

Step 1

Lay out all of the 2-by-6s. Take one of the casters and place it centered at the end of each board and use a pen or pencil to mark where the holes of the caster will be.

Step 2

Plug in the electric drill and use it to drill a hole at each mark you made with the pen.

Step 3

Take one of the larger boards and one of the smaller boards and place their ends together to form an L shape so that the holes you drilled line up with each other.

Step 4

Take one caster and line that up with the previously lined-up boards. Make sure the small board is on top of the larger board and the caster on the bottom side of the larger board. Insert a single bolt into one of the holes and use the wrench to tighten the nut on the bolt; this will hold all the pieces together while you insert the rest of the nuts and bolts and use the wrench to tighten them as well.

Step 5

Continue to secure the boards and the casters together until all four casters have been bolted tightly to the boards.

Step 6

Spray the rubber coating onto the surface of the 18-inch 2-by-6 boards and let dry for several hours in a well-ventilated area.