Black & Decker Battery Charger Instructions

Black and Decker is a manufacturer of cordless power tools that are powered by rechargeable batteries. Many cordless tools come with their own battery chargers. Black and Decker also sells an all-in-one battery charger for rechargeable 9.6 to 18 volt battery packs that are spring released from their corresponding tools. Batteries need to be charged before first use. They might also need to be charged after sitting unused for a long time since rechargeable batteries slowly lose power over time.


Step 1

Release the battery from the power tool. Typically, push the button or buttons near the top of the battery compartment to separate the battery from the tool. Some tools, however, do not have batteries that release and the battery is, instead, charged while still installed in the tool.

Step 2

Set or slide the battery onto the charger. The battery must sit securely on the charger and the charger must be plugged in. There may be a red blinking light on the charger to indicate that charging process has begun.

Step 3

Leave the battery on the charger until it is fully charged; about 90 minutes. A continuous red light (non-blinking) often indicates a Black and Decker charger is finished charging the battery. Most batteries may be left on the charger indefinitely, without harming the battery pack and be ready to use when needed.