How to Pressure Wash With No Water Source

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Things You'll Need

  • Truck

  • Pressure washer water tank

  • Pressure washer

  • Garden hose

With a pressure washer you can clean your car quickly and easily.

Pressure washers are used to effectively clean surfaces. Most use pressure washers are used to clean or prepare the exterior of a home or building for a new coat of paint. Others use these washers as a tool to clean decks, floors and cars. Pressure washers require a water source to work properly; in some locations, a water source is not available. When this happens, you must bring in your own water source. A pressure washer water tank allows you to use a pressure washer in any location.


Step 1

Read the water tank manual for specific details on how to bolt the water tank to the truck or trailer, as it varies by model. Place the pressure washer water tank on a truck or trailer; transport it to the location where you will be pressure washing.

Step 2

Fill up the tank with water in a location where there is a water source after its been attached to a truck or trailer. Remove the top of the tank; place the garden hose inside it to fill up with water.

Step 3

Transport your pressure water tank to the location where no water source exists.


Step 4

Connect one end of the garden hose to the valve on the bottom of the water tank. Secure it tightly in place with your hands; do not try to use pliers, as it can damage the hose and the valve.

Step 5

Connect the remaining end of the water hose to the inlet valve of the pressure washer. Tighten the hose in place with your hands.

Step 6

Turn the valve from the water tank to the "On" position. Now you can turn on the pressure washer and wash. Keep an eye on the water level -- you do not want the water to run out with the pressure washer on. Turn off the pressure washer when the level of the water starts nearing the valve on the tank to avoid damage.



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