Creepy-crawly creatures inside your home may send you scurrying for some bug spray. To combat bedbugs in the bedroom or cockroaches in the kitchen, Talstar may be a needed friend. Talstar is a broad-spectrum insecticide in a simple-to-use aerosol can that kills more than 50 home pests, including crawling bugs, flying insects and arachnids.

Earwig on rock, macro photo
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Talstar controls earwigs that invade your home.

Choose the Right Formulation

Manufactured by FMC Corp., Talstar is the trademarked name of a pesticide that contains the active ingredient bifenthrin. This same ingredient is available in varied formulations for homeowner and professional applications, although the strengths vary significantly. For example, a formulation for licensed professionals, Talstar P, contains 7.9 percent bifenthrin and must be mixed in water. Unless you're a certified pesticide applicator, the suitable formulation to use indoors is available in a 16-ounce aerosol can, containing 0.05 percent bifenthrin.

Spot Spraying

Spray Talstar directly on pests, if possible. You can also spray surfaces in areas where you've seen pests lurking. Hold the aerosol can upright while you spray, and point the nozzle about 18 inches from your target. You can apply Talstar inside closets, around doors and windows, inside cabinets and other places where pests may hide. Spray Talstar until insects or surfaces are wet, and do not allow children or pets do enter sprayed areas until the spray has dried.

Cracks and Crevices

Insects and arachnids hide and breed in out-of-reach spots. A crack-and-crevice application straw fits onto Talstar's spray nozzle and allows you to direct the insecticide into these hiding places. Moist areas, such as behind tiny openings around pipes are favorite hiding places for some pests. Underneath refrigerators and behind baseboards are other target areas. For each area you treat, apply a one-second spray. In problem pest areas, make repeat applications 12 inches apart. In other areas, space the applications 3 feet apart.

Safety First

Observe all directions and precautions on the Talstar label. Before each use, shake the can well. Do not spray your pets or their bedding, and keep the product out of reach of children. Although you can use Talstar in the kitchen, don't spray it on surfaces where you prepare food, and cover these areas and any utensils before you spray. Before spraying in the kitchen, cover exposed food or remove it from the area. Don't get the pesticide on your skin or clothing. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the product.