How to Professionally Wash Restaurant Towels

Restaurant towels get used from the front door to the back of the kitchen on a daily basis. Exposure to a variety of restaurant-related spills and stains often leaves towels stained and soiled. Many restaurant towels are designed to stand up to the rigors of constant cleaning. Professionally washing restaurant towels requires nothing more than a washing machine and a few common household stain fighters. It only takes minutes to wash restaurant towels like a laundry pro.

White restaurant towels can usually be bleached and are a popular choice.

Step 1

Divide the dirty restaurant towels into three separate groups. Place lightly soiled and unstained towels directly into the washing machine. Place beverage-stained and non-greasy food-stained towels into a plastic wash tub and greasy stained towels in another wash tub.

Step 2

Run a cold water rinse cycle on the towels in the washing machine. Rinse the other two tubs of towels with cold water. Pour off the rinse water.

Step 3

Read the washing instructions and warnings on the labels of the beverage- and non-greasy food-stained towels to see if they are bleach-safe. Move any towels that may be damaged by bleach to the tub with the greasy towels.

Step 4

Add a gallon of water to both wash tubs. Pour ¾ cup bleach into the tub of bleach-safe towels. Pour 1 cup distilled white vinegar into the tub of greasy towels.

Step 5

Soak the towels for 20 minutes. Pour off the water. Rinse the towels with cool water.

Step 6

Wash all the towels in the washing machine on the hottest setting. Add ½ cup baking soda and concentrated laundry soap to the wash. Examine towels after each wash load completes and rewash any towels with highly visible stains.

Jeffrey Brian Airman

Jeffrey Brian Airman is a writer, musician and food blogger. A 15-year veteran of the restaurant industry, Airman has used his experience to cover food, restaurants, cooking and do-it-yourself projects. Airman also studied nursing at San Diego State University.