How to Keep Raccoons From Climbing

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Things You'll Need

  • Tree trimmer or saw

  • Metal grids

  • Plastic or foam sealant

  • Metal sheeting at least 3 feet long

  • Metal funnel tree raccoon guard

  • Strips of gutter spikes

  • Electric fencing


Make sure the metal sheeting is at least 3 feet square when installing the sheeting on the corner of your home or other buildings. When installing metal or plastic sheeting around a tree, make sure the sheeting is at least 2 feet wide.

You will have to resort to defensive methods to keep raccoons away.

Raccoons are infamous night crawlers that have caused havoc in many suburbs. Even though raccoons are just trying to find shelter and food, they have tipped over many garbage cans and made nests in a number of cozy attics to survive. To prevent raccoons from climbing into or giving birth in your attic, you need to take measures that will make your home or shed unappealing to the next raccoon that walks by.


Step 1

Use a tree trimmer or saw to trim trees around your home or any building where raccoons are a problem. Leave a minimum of 10 feet of space between the tree and the house to keep raccoons away from the roof.

Step 2

Attach metal grid screens or coverings over all vents, chimneys and other openings in the walls or roof. Ensure that they are firmly attached by placing extra screws or hiding the edge of the screen under surrounding roofing. Consider using a plastic sealant or foam to close any gaps around the vents or chimneys.

Step 3

Keep climbing plants or vines on the house trimmed and directed away from windows and openings in the building. Clear away any debris or construction materials around your home.


Step 4

Eliminate food sources outside the house and seal garbage cans with airtight lids. Lock any pet door into the house at night. Food is one of the primary reasons that raccoons "explore" your yard and try to enter homes. Make sure all pet food is brought inside directly after usage and that there are no leftovers left outside.

Step 5

Place metal sheeting on the corners of the house near the roof. Install metal or plastic sheeting or a metal funnel around the circumference of any tree that you do not want the raccoons to climb.

Step 6

Place strips of metal spikes around vertical gutters near the roof and along the roof gutter. This will dissuade any raccoon from using your gutter to access your roof.


Step 7

Install a chimney cap. Ensure that is is firmly secured over the chimney so that raccoons won't be able to move it.

Step 8

Install electrical fencing at the top of any fencing surrounding gardens, backyard ponds with fish, or other areas that you want keep raccoons away from. Make sure the gaps in the electric fencing are no wider than 3 inches or young raccoons can get through the fence.



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