Many people use bug foggers to get rid of household pests such as spiders, ants, mosquitoes and fleas. Using a bug fogger is a step you can take to try to get rid of pests before you call an exterminator. Bug foggers are affordable and easy to use, but there are a few steps to keep in mind to properly use the bug fogger.


Remove or cover any food items, utensils, dishes, toys and pet supplies. It doesn't matter what you cover the items with as long as they are completely covered. Even after covering utensils, dishes, toys and pet supplies, it is a good idea to wash them before using again.

Vacuum the area where you are planning to use the bug fogger.

Turn off all fans, air conditioners, refrigerators and aquariums. If you are leaving an aquarium in the house, make sure to cover it as well. Make sure any other ignition sources or open flames are extinguished. This includes pilot lights and gas valves.

Open all inside doors and cupboards, but shut outside doors and windows.

Find an elevated space in the center of the room you are fogging to place the bug fogger. Cover the elevated area with newspapers. Use a table, chair or other object to place the bug fogger above ground level.

Turn the fogger away from your face and press the button that activates it. With the fogger set on the elevated space leave the house. Take any pets and children with you.

Return to the house after two hours to open all doors and windows to ventilate the house. You can permanently return after the house has been ventilated for an hour. These times vary on different brands of bug fogger, so check the directions.