How to Sharpen Scissors With a Dremel

Sharpening scissors with a Dremel is one of the best ways to get a sharp blade quickly. Whether you are sharpening scissors that are large or small, cheap or expensive, a Dremel is guaranteed to get the job done fast. Unlike other sharpening methods, the Dremel method doesn't require a separate grinding stone or sandpaper. All you need is your trust rotary tool and a steady hand.

Sharpen Scissors With a Dremel

Step 1

Separate the two scissor blades. This can usually be done be unscrewing a screw found in the middle of the scissors.

Step 2

Place one of the scissor blades into the vise with the sharp end facing outward. Pay attention to the shape of the blade. One side of the blade should be angled downward resulting in the sharp edge, while the other side will not be. Position the scissors so that the angled side faces upward.

Step 3

Insert the bit into the Dremel and turn it on.

Step 4

Hold the Dremel against the top of the scissor blade at a 10 degree angle and grind.

Step 5

Continue grinding along the length of he scissor blade at this angle until the entire edge is sharp.

Step 6

Remove the scissor blade from the vise.

Step 7

Repeat steps 2-5 with the other scissor blade.

Step 8

Re-attach the two scissor blades by screwing them together again.

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