How to Keep a Swimming Pool Clean When There Are Pine Trees

Swimming pools require regular cleaning and filtering to keep the water suitable for swimming. It is usually more challenging to keep an outdoor pool clean because of the abundance of dirt, dust and leaves that can blow into the water on a daily basis. If you have pine trees near your pool, the problem is amplified because pine needles frequently fall in abundance and can quickly overrun a pool. Keeping a swimming pool clean in an environment with pine trees requires regular diligence.

Pine needles can quickly litter an outdoor swimming pool.

Step 1

Trim any overhanging branches to help eliminate some of the pine needle contamination. The further the branches of the pine tree are away from the water, the less of a problem the pine needles will be.

Step 2

Cover your pool with a pool cover whenever it is not in use. The needles will then fall on the cover and can be easily vacuumed or swept away instead of falling into the water.

Step 3

Use a pool skimmer to pick up pine needles floating on the surface of the water. A skimmer is a very fine net attached to a long pole that is useful for removing leaves, pine needles and other elements from the water.

Step 4

Keep your pool filter running at all times when the cover is off the pool. The filter can collect needles as they circulate through the water. Clean out the filter regularly to prevent it from clogging.

Michael Davidson

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