How to Tell What Model Heil Furnace You Have

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Write the information down that is located on the information plate for future reference. You won't have to open your furnace up then each time you need the information.

Knowing the model number of your Heil furnace will help you with a few different things. If you are savvy in heating and air conditioning, it will allow you to order replacement parts for your furnace if an internal component stops working. If you call a heating company for a service technician, knowing the model number is helpful so the technician can bring the right materials and tools to service your furnace. Knowing this information ahead of time can lower your final repair bill.

Step 1

Turn off the power to your Heil furnace. Locate the switch on the side of the furnace and turn it to the "off" position.

Step 2

Remove the front access door from the furnace and set aside. It should lift up and pull off the front of your Heil furnace easily.

Step 3

Turn on your flashlight and look inside the furnace cabinet for a plate or sticker with various information on it.

Step 4

Look for the line that states "Model Number" or "M/N". The number after will be the model number of your Heil furnace. Use this number for locating replacement parts or referring to the model of your furnace.

Step 5

Slide the front access door back into place and turn the power back on to your Heil furnace when finished.


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