The Honeywell TH6000 is a digital thermostat that lets you regulate your furnace's or air conditioner's temperature. Not only does it include an EnergyStar compliance that can save money by setting program schedules, it also includes a one-touch temperature control. During the cold or hot months, your thermostat can be essential, so it is important to troubleshoot and solve common problems that can arise. Solving problems may maximize your unit's performance.

Step 1

Press and pull the lever on the battery compartment if you see the "Replace Battery" warning on your TH6000 thermostat's display.

Step 2

Remove the old batteries and insert fresh AA alkaline batteries. Reinstall the battery cover. Replace your thermostat's battery once a year even if the warning does not appear.

Step 3

Check your furnace or air conditioner's circuit breakers if your thermostat's display is blank. The circuit breakers are usually inside an electrical panel next to your outdoor condensing or heating unit. Once you locate the circuit breakers, turn them on. If they are already on and your thermostat is still blank, turn them off and then turn them back on. This resets them.

Step 4

Check your furnace's door and make sure it is properly closed if the thermostat's display is still blank. Check the power switch next to your indoor furnace or air conditioner and make sure it is on.

Step 5

Check your thermostat's settings if the vents are not blowing warm or cold air. Make sure your thermostat is set to "heat" or "cool." Adjust the temperatures and set them to the following acceptable ranges: Heat: 40 F to 90 F; Cool: 50 F to 99 F.

Step 6

Press the "SET CLOCK/DAY/SCHEDULE" button if you want to restore the Energy Start default settings. Press "SET SCHEDULE." Press "DONE" and "NEXT" at the same time for four seconds.

Step 7

Press the "SYSTEM" button if your heating or cooling system does not respond. Set the system to "HEAT." Select a temperature setting that is higher than the indoor temperature displayed on TH6000 your thermostat's screen. Press "SYSTEM" again if you want to run the air conditioner and select "COOL." Select a temperature setting that is lower than the indoor temperature displayed on your thermostat's screen.

Step 8

Wait five minutes for your system to restart if "Cool on" or "Heat on" is flashing. When this happens, the compressor protection feature is engaged and shuts off after five minutes.