Bryant gas furnaces such as the Evolution System Plus and the Preferred Series Plus mainly rely on Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), a feature that tells you how much energy your unit is converting to heat. Not only can this possibly save you in energy costs, it maximizes heating efficiency during cold months. Lighting your Bryant gas furnace properly is not a difficult process; however, you must follow a few important steps to ensure you light it safely.

Step 1

Pull the handle on the furnace door downwards to open the furnace door. Remove the filters on the bottom of your furnace and inspect them. If they are dirty, brush off dirt and debris, then reinsert them. Close the furnace.

Step 2

Turn on the thermostat next to your indoor furnace and set the temperature to the lowest setting.

Step 3

Pull the lever on the external manual gas valve down to close it. Push the electrical supply switch next to your furnace to the "OFF" position.

Step 4

Pull the handle on the furnace door downwards to open it. Locate the gas valve. It usually has an on-off control switch and is generally located on the lower left part of your furnace's interior. The location may vary slightly depending on your Bryant furnace model, so refer to your manual. Turn the gas valve's control switch to the "Off' position and wait five minutes. Turn off the gas valve and contact a technician if you smell gas.

Step 5

Turn the control switch on the gas valve on after five minutes. Replace the furnace door and turn on the electrical supply. Wait one minute

Step 6

Push the lever on the external manual gas valve up to turn it on. Set the temperature on your thermostat to a setting that is higher than the room temperature displayed. For example, if your room temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, set the temperature to at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 7

Allow the hot surface ignition to heat and the gas valve to permit gas flow to the main burners. This usually takes up to a minute. The blower will then start, most likely at medium speed. Adjust to high heat or low speed when necessary.

Step 8

Shut down your furnace and contact a qualified technician if the burners fail to ignite. The furnace control switch will lock out if the burners fail to ignite after four attempts.

Step 9

Adjust the temperature on your thermostat to your liking.