Troubleshooting Nordyne Mobile Home Furnaces

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Blower Won't Stop

Check the air coming from the blower. Is it hot or cold? If it's blowing cold air, then the temperature control switch is broken and needs to be replaced. If it's hot, then the burner is still lit, and stopping the blower while the burner is still lit is dangerous. Set the thermostat to OFF. If the blower doesn't stop, find the breaker controlling the Nordyne Mobile Home furnace and throw that breaker. The burner should shut off, followed by the blower. Turn off the gas line running to the furnace in the meantime. Because the blower didn't stop when the thermostat was set to OFF, this means that there is a wiring problem somewhere within the furnace. As the wiring is quite extensive, it's best to call a professional at this point.


Furnace Turns On and Off Frequently

If the furnace turns on and off frequently, but otherwise works without incident, it's trying to heat the home while working within the constraints that have been set for it. The thermostat has a timing mechanism which will turn the furnace off if it runs beyond a set length of time. This timing mechanism, called an anticipator, needs to be adjusted. Remove the housing from the thermostat and look for a small slide or lever. Typically the lever has a metal arrow pointing to a scale set in the thermostat, running from 1 to 6. Move the lever over to a 3 or 4, higher if the lever is already on these numbers. This will allow the furnace to run for longer cycles, instead of the short cycles it's been trying to make do with. The furnace should run normally now.


Pilot Won't Light

The Nordyne Mobile Home furnace has an electric ignition set instead of the standard gas pilot that must be lit. Start by pressing the Test switch on the pilot; you should be able to see a blue spark created by the igniter, which extends out over the burner. The sparking should last for about 5 seconds, if it lasts a much shorter length of time, or if it doesn't spark at all, the igniter must be replaced. If the igniter is working normally, but the burner doesn't light, then the flame sensor sticking out over the burner is broken and needs to be replaced. This should take care of the problem.



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