The touch-screen pad on your Honeywell thermostat can be altered unintentionally if you bump it. The thermostat comes with a screen-lock feature, however, that prevents this from happening. You can partially lock the screen, allowing the user to only adjust the temperature, or you can fully lock the screen, making all keys inaccessible.

Step 1

Press your Honeywell thermostat's "System" key. Five blank touch keys will appear on the bottom of the screen between the "Cancel" key and the "Done" key.

Step 2

Touch the blank center key and hold it down for approximately five seconds until the screen changes to the "Advanced Settings" menu.

Step 3

Press the middle arrow keys up or down to change the "Function" located in the bottom left corner. You want user setup number 0670 to unlock your thermostat.

Step 4

Change your options using the arrow keys on the right side of the screen. Press the up or down arrow keys to select the number "0." This unlocks all of the keys on the screen.

Step 5

Lock your screen again by repeating the previous steps. Under options, however, choose "1" to partially lock the screen or "2" to fully lock the screen.