The pilot light may be the smallest part on your furnace, but its job may be the most important. A pilot light produces a continuous flow of gas that keeps a small flame ignited. When the furnace comes on, a valve releases gas into the furnace's burners, and the pilot light flame ignites this gas. The burners heat the air in the furnace that is sent throughout the house. If you have problems with your pilot light staying lit, it may be because it needs cleaning, which is a simple procedure that can save you time and money in the long run.

Use a wire brush to clean your pilot light.

Step 1

Make sure your furnace is set to the "Off" position on your thermostat. Turn the gas flow to the pilot light to "Off" as well.

Step 2

Use the small wire brush to clean around the gas release hole in the pilot light.

Step 3

Take the can of compressed air and spray away any debris or dust that you removed from the pilot light when cleaning it with the brush.

Step 4

Vacuum around the pilot light area with a small, hand-held vacuum.